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Mark Gaudin

Welcome to the home of Der Gauleiter. Opinions expressed here are mine. If you want to rant and rave about what I have to say I suggest you read the Constitution. If you want me to be Politically Correct then I suggest you kiss my ass.

If you have read the articles I have written and posted on this site please feel free to contact me to discuss them. As I mentioned, these are my opinions. I would be interested in hearing what you have to say about any subject, even if you disagree.
New articles added:
"Isolationism in a PC World"--Should we close our borders? No easy answers here!

"America As A Welfare State"--If you're middle class and White you'll never get ahead!

"Racial Bias in Jury Selection?"--Can't a Brother get a fair trial? A good example of why we should execute these scum...

Be sure to check out the links on the article pages for insightful news and facts. You never know, you just might learn something!

Mark Gaudin

Mark Gaudin's death in Palestine, Texas was never labeled a hate crime...until now. Click on the link above to be taken to an article written by one of his friends.
Read my comments here at this site for my opinion on the matter.